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Why Logic Wealth Group….Why Logic Wealth Group Now?


The Logic Wealth Group is a resource to our clients as they take the journey with growing their personal and business wealth. It is important for us to ensure our clients have as much market intelligence and information before making an educated decision.

When you need assistance, guidance, advice and direction with building and protecting your wealth portfolio The Logic Wealth Group provides the expertise needed. Although each transaction is important, at the Logic Wealth Group we also focus on the relationship, ensuring you can trust the advice, knowledge and experience which we provide. Our consultants will listen to your needs and how this fits in with your overall wealth strategy.

We create long term business relationships with clients so we can help, guide and advise them on an ongoing basis, because we know that building wealth is not just about a ‘once off’ tactic. It’s all about smart and timely continual strategies that can be adjusted and modified as your life circumstances change!

And, it certainly is not about just one idea, one method or any one strategy.  True wealth creation is about the timely integration of many ideas and strategies because we know two things for sure:

1.   Strong Foundations. The strongest building in the world will fall over if it doesn’t have a strong foundation and so will your wealth creation ‘building’ strategy. To achieve a strong foundation for your financial future at the Logic Wealth Group we suggest the following:


  • simple-marketing-roadmapa.   Formulate a roadmap to achieve your wealth goals – a strategy that is sharp and concise and takes care of all of the contingencies (expected and NOT) that such a structure needs; and
  • b.  Ensuring the roadmap has ‘beams of support’ such as correctly structured and tax effective financing and a good selection of investment assets. It is also prudent to consider a strong protection strategy – to protect your income, your life, your business and your family in the event of small setbacks or major tragedies.


The Logic Wealth Group achieves this for our clients with our Comprehensive Review and Statement of Advice reports. Feel welcome to enquire about these after receiving your complimentary Initial Review report.

2.    Change is inevitable.  What looks clear and easy one day can turn around quickly, regardless of our planning and objectives, so you must monitor, adjust and control your wealth creation often.

As life brings change through family, business and/or health circumstances, sometimes it’s necessary to alter or adjust how and why we implement the strategies we do. The Logic Wealth Group understands that every strategy needs to be reviewed ongoing, which is why we will follow up every six months after the plan has been initiated, with the aim of calibrating the strategy as required.

The Logic Wealth Group provides three key advice components – Finance, Property & Financial Planning! Rather than just providing some ‘once off’ stand-alone advice. 

We provide a truly integrated approach to achieving your wealth goals, providing all of the financial advice you truly need in one place and ensuring that All of your financial needs are met!

Our business is different because of the way we work with you to completely understand your personal aspects, your business (if applicable) and what you are really seeking.  We are focused on YOUR OUTCOMES!

And, because we provide a totally co-ordinated and integrated financial advisory approach we can ensure all contingencies are covered and your strategies are regularly monitored and adjusted to maximise outcomes.



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