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The Logic Wealth Group Difference

We don’t wait until something ‘unexpected’ happens…We don’t let it happen!

Many new clients have come to us for advice on how to fix their ‘something’ that’s gone astray with their investment property strategy that they have implemented through other advisers…And most of the time we’re able to help get them back on track.

But we have to question…  “Why did it go wrong in the first place”?

We simply don’t allow surprises (at least ‘bad’ surprises) to catch our clients out!

Of course we want you to get superior income and capital growth returns and the maximum taxation relief possible…But we make sure that you get these results, without any pain OR surprises!

We do this by combining the research, knowledge and qualified & experienced advice of our whole ‘in-house’ team… Our Property Consultants, our Finance Team and our Financial Planner’s…BEFORE we give you any advice or you make any decisions.

All of our team are here to guide you through the entire process. We’ll help you find the best plan and pathway to suit your needs, and give you all the support you need to take control of your future.

Our property division provides insights, research and assistance covering every aspect you’ll need to know so you can make the best choices with building your investment property portfolio.

This includes :-

  • a comprehensive property analysis;
  • advice on how to build an investment property portfolio;
  • working closely with Logic Finance to ensure appropriate loan & account structuring is in place;
  • working with your Accountant around structuring appropriate gearing (positive & negative) arrangements and the possible use of Self Managed Superannuation Funds; and
  • analysis of the selected property area, including population trends & growth rate analysis and RP Data Property Reviews, including current rent appraisals for each property you wish to consider!

A Strategy To Suit Everyone

Our property investment strategy is suitable for beginners and seasoned investors alike. The property investment strategy is for everyday people to accumulate an investment portfolio of properties incorporating careful independent research & analysis to maximise returns from growth, yield, depreciation, and legal tax minimisation & leverage.


  1. We identify property investment locations that are likely to outperform.
  2. We research investment opportunities in selected areas using independent research and valuation reports.
  3. We provide detailed property investment analysis tools to facilitate the selection process.
  4. We aggregate a selection of investment properties in a range of researched areas, specifically chosen to meet the needs of investors.
  5. We then provide our investors with a report and one page summary with the key elements of each of the properties being considered.
  6. We keep in contact to ensure your journey through the process is a smooth one.
  7. We will provide you with other “special opportunities” for your consideration as they come to our notice.

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