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Case Study 1: PAYG Property Investor not receiving support from lender

The husband and wife clients had been to see their lender, who had previously cross-collateralised their properties, and was unable to lend them further funds for an additional purchase.

After meeting with a Logic Wealth Group Consultant their portfolio was restructured as separate loans per security and an opportunity fund was established in preparation for the purchase of a new investment property. A pre-approval was also organised to provide the clients with piece-of-mind before making an offer on a new property.

Case Study 2: Self-employed client looking to build property portfolio, but has limited time

A self-employed client eager to build their property investment portfolio approached the Logic Wealth Group team, as he was uncertain about his servicing capacity and equity position, and had limited time to research investment properties to suit his needs.

A Logic Finance consultant first provided the client with an Initial Review, which outlined his ability to purchase two new house-and-land packages. A Logic Wealth-Property consultant subsequently discussed in detail the needs with the client, and provided him with numerous property options to suit his requirements. The property consultant also provided detailed analysis (property investor analysis report) and additional information on the property location before finalising the contracts.

The Logic Wealth Group team then managed the rest of the process to settlement, including assisting the client with adequate financial planning protection as his wealth portfolio increased.

Case Study 3: Business not receiving assistance from lender

A director of a small business with 21 employees was referred to the Logic Wealth Group after consistently not receiving support from their lender (after 20 years). The Logic Finance consultant was able to organise an equipment loan and restructure their commercial facilities with a 2nd tier lender which was cheaper with no-ongoing fees. More importantly the new facilities did not require any ongoing reviews (as per the previous lender) and the client was able to focus back on his business rather than constantly focus on the lender relationship. Additional cashflow finance (debtor finance) was also eventually organised to assist with the growth of the business and did not require any additional property security.

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