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Becoming A Client


It’s a five Step Process

Step 1 – Where Are You Now –FREE Initial Review?

Wouldn’t it be nice to know what is really achievable before you start investing your valuable time into more in depth research & consideration?

By completing a brief “Where Are You Now?” survey, we can quickly complete an analysis & prepare your personal report, so that when we meet you know exactly what is possible!

This survey is an overview of your goals and objectives and a brief statement of your current financial position..With this information we can analyse and produce your very own ‘Initial Review Report’

Your Initial Review Report includes…

An overview of your Assets & Liabilities

Capacity & Equity Summary

Loan Structure Review; and

Protection & Investment Summary


Step 2 – Your First Meeting!

Meet and consult with your adviser. We will provide you with a thorough understanding about how we work and what you can expect from working with us.

Once you are comfortable, together we’ll explore in depth what you are seeking – your goals & objectives.

Depending upon what’s important for you, (your needs, wants and priorities) we will advise and assist you to find the right solutions for your particular needs, and/or refer you on to any of our  specialist advice divisions of Finance, Property or Financial Planning.

This allows you to gain truly holistic, comprehensive and integrated advice, maximising your chances of financial success.

Step 3 – Comprehensive Review

After meeting with our specialist division advisers and ensuring that you have covered all of your important financial considerations, you’ll be presented with a complete and detailed Comprehensive Review Report.

This ensures you are afforded the most complete financial solutions – giving you the best possible chance and greatest probability of achieving your own unique wealth creation goals!

Step 4 – Implement Your Strategies!

Complete the necessary applications and paperwork and allow our experienced professionals to assist you to implement and complete all of your selected strategy decisions.

This part of the process will take from just a few days through to some weeks, depending upon the type and complexity of your choices.  Needless to say, we will keep you fully informed along the way.

Step 5 – Monitor, Review & Update

Regular monitoring, updates and reviews.

As life’s circumstances change, so potentially do your investment and wealth outcomes. So regular comprehensive monitoring and reviewing is vital to ensure that you stay on track to your best destination!



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