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Investment Tip #5 – Buy with your head not your heart

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When investing it’s very easy to get caught up in emotions. A home on a steep block may have a stunning view, it could be a nightmare to due to retaining or excavation blowout costs. Be sure you weigh up the pros and cons. Land is the key to a cheap house & land package….Read More→

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Who’s been sleeping in your bed?

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Wouldn’t it be interesting to know more about the history of your property. Who has lived there, how long it’s been around. With access to public records you can collect this information a lot easier than you think. Click here to read the article about how you can re-live your own piece of history….Read More→


Logic Wealth Group Investment Tip #4 – Look for liveable not luxury!

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Remember a rental property only has to be clean and functional. Don’t get sucked into buying a luxurious house & land package simply because you picture yourself living there! Logic Properties are based around maximum return for minimum outlay with all the essentials.                  

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MFAA – Mortgage Advisers now introduce 49.9% of banks mortgage business

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In the MFAA’s most recent statistics it is shown that Mortgage Advisers now bring in 49.9% of banks mortgage business. Just why is it that Advisers are bringing in almost half of the banks business?   Over the past 24 months the mortgage advice industry has taken a different turn and become more regulated. What…Read More→

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