Logic Wealth Group - Building Wealth Through Knowledge, Care and Understanding

Wealth creation requires careful decisions made through sound research, expert advice & experience and thorough understanding - understanding by you and about you! That's the Logic Wealth way!

Finance Strategy, Structure, Design and Application Advice

Applying deep knowledge & experience, and real attention to 'the details' to your financing needs, optimises your ability to 'get what you want, when you want'!

Property Investment Strategy, and Selection Advice

Comprehensive property investor analysis reports, including strategy and finance packaging, as well as detailed 'Property Selections' for you to choose in growth areas. The kind of detailed information & knowledge you truly need to make sound property investment purchases!

Welcome To Logic Wealth Group

At Logic Wealth Group, we aim to provide 'complete' financial solutions, utilising our Finance, Financial Planning and Property Investment divisions, in addition to our alliance partners. Our clients are truly able to make sound and balanced decisions. Our aim is to provide ongoing professional and personal financial solutions for investors and businesses which exceed our clients’ expectations. As a Logic Wealth member we assist you to be in complete control of your financial future!

Why Logic Wealth Group...Why Logic Wealth Group Now?

The Logic Wealth Group is a resource to our clients as they take the journey with growing their personal and business wealth. It is important for us to ensure our clients have as much market intelligence and information before making an educated decision. When you need assistance, guidance, advice and direction with building and protecting your wealth portfolio The Logic Wealth Group provides the expertise needed. Although each transaction is important, at the Logic Wealth Group we also focus on the relationship, ensuring you can trust the advice, knowledge and experience which we provide. Our consultants will listen to your needs and how this fits in with your overall wealth strategy. Feel welcome to book a no-obligation consultation today – either at our office or via phone/Skype. We can include a finance, financial planning and property specialist meeting at the initial meeting if required

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